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Plots a level set of a 2D function


Plots a level set of a piecewise constant 2D function.


draw.levset(pcf, lev=NULL, bary = NULL, propor = 0.1, col=NULL, 
bound = NULL, dendat = NULL, xaxt = "s", yaxt = "s", cex.axis = 1)


pcf piecewise constant function; output of "pcf.kern" or "pcf.func"
lev real number; gives the level of the level set
bary vector of 2 reals; the barycenter; if given will be plotted
propor 0<propor<1; the level set whose level is "propor" times the maximum value of the function will be drawn
col the color of the lines of the plot; for example "red"
bound vector of 4 real numbers; c(xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax); gives the values for the parameters "xlim" and "ylim" in the "plot" function; if "bound" is not specified, then the support of function "pcf" will be used
dendat n*2-matrix or real values; when the "pcf" is a density estimate based on data "dendat", then specifying a value for the parameter "dendat", we can plot the data together with the estimate of a level set
xaxt a character which specifies the x axis type; either "s" or "n"; see "par"
yaxt a character which specifies the y axis type; either "s" or "n"; see "par"
cex.axis the magnification to be used for axis annotation


Makes a plot to the graphics window


Jussi Klemela

See Also

pcf.kern, pcf.func





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